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new york city has ever seen. it destroyed dozens of buildings and homes from lower manhattan to queens. more than a million people are without power. parts of the subway system are still underwater. >> at home, the federal government will reopen tomorrow with the option of unscheduled leave and work. most of the major school districts in our area in maryland and virginia will also reopen tomorrow. no word yet from the d.c. public schools. >> almost 150,000 people in our area are still without power because of the storm. fewer than 10,000 of those are pepco customers. pepco credits out of state communications for what it calls a relatively small number of outages. >> the main reason for the power outages are trees that came down. there is a bunch of northern virginia. pat collins is in arlington where people are cleaning up and trying to deal with the lack of power. >> reporter: sandy has left a number of people in northern virginia with the great sense of powerlessness. chesterbrook and north lead. a tree into a home here. this is what it looks like when you drive by. wait until you lo
atlantic city, toward philadelphia, atlantic city coming in with winds of 70 to 75 miles per hour. this is the eye wall, right in through portions of cape may county, new jersey. this is cape may county. this is where wildwood is, rehoboth beach right here starting to see some of the outer bands making their way through, too. we'll start to see some of these bands, this one right in here, a strong band coming across the chesapeake bay. the winds are picking up very quickly. they will stay up all night long. we're seeing numerous trees down across the region. we're looking at a lot of power outages out there. you can just see the rain continuing from the east. so right now, along 270, rockville and gaithersburg and sterling, the heavier rain right now. fredericksburg, leonardtown, also seeing that heavy rain. everywhere along the chesapeake seeing that rain. to the west, it's not rain, winchester seeing the rain, but it is snow. back towards petersburg, west virginia, around luray, around the shenandoah valley, we are seeing snow, especially at elevation. there are blizzard warning
if anyone was hit. more details on this story will come as soon as we get them. >>> up in new york city, an awful story. a nanny suspected of killing two young children left in her care. police say the children's mother went home last night and found her 6-year-old daughter and her 2-year-old son stabbed to death in a bathtub. their 50-yr-old nanny was suffering from what appeared to be self-inflicted knife wounds. the nanny is still in a hospital tonight. a third child who was with the mother at the time was not injured. the child's father is an executive at cnbc, which is owned by our parent company, nbc. >>> senate majority leader harry reid is in a las vegas emergency room tonight after a crash involving his caravan on interstate 15. police told a newspaper that senator reid had, quote, minor rib injuries. he was the only one taken tohe hospital in the six-car pileup. it's not clear where senator reid was headed, but first lady michelle obama is scheduled to speak in las vegas tonight. >>> former senator george mcgovern will be buried privately in washington. today his family and fr
. but some longtime residents are more concerned that the city is not prepared for the play-off crowds. d.c. transportation officials and the police say they will spread out extra staff as far as a mile from the ballpark in order to keep traffic moving. >> we're going to do the bes we can to manage the crowds. not just cars, but pedestrians. everyone tends to all go at one time. >> there are still things to be worked out but we're hopeful over the next few weeks won't be a nightmare for residents. >> the first play-off game is next wednesday. >>> enjoy this mild weather while you can. we've got changes moving in just in time for the weekend. veronica johnson has a look at the conditions out there right now. hey, v.j. >> hey there, doreen and jim. yeah, we're going to move through several seasons over the next couple of days, believe it or not. so, yeah, a lot of folks enjoying today. absolutely gorgeous conditions now that we've got the front out of here. the fog from this morning, too, again, and that cloud cover. temperatures still hanging out in the 70s, from 75 in gaithersburg, to 79
. >> reporter: some things are new this year. . in addition to new trucks, the city also has new plows for the trucks. these are a mixture of rubber and ceramic. they're supposed to be quieter on the city streets. they're also supposed to push more snow out of the way. the new snow trucks have also gone high-tech, able to tell which sections of the city have been treated. whatever helps to keep things moving when the cold sets in. >> hopefully they're more prepared than they usually are. like here, when we have a couple of inches of snow, the schools are closed. yeah, i mean, that makes it a little bit better. >> reporter: now, jim and doreen, the city's also debating whether or not to buy salt that heats up when it hits the ground. reporting live in northwest, adam tuss, news4. >>> no threats of any snow out there today. it was really very please act. doug kammerer here to tell us how long this might last. >> we were on the warm side of the frontal boundary. the front coming through right now. a few showers, even a few thunderstorms. right now you can see where they are, making their
. >> reporter: last summer, kwame brown, a former rising star, resign his chairmanship and left city politics, his career, in ruins. he was ordered back in court tuesday for failing to check in weekly before he was extended in november for felony bank fraud. at his guilty plea last summer, brown had promised to cooperate. but judge richard leon was told tuesday, brown had three times failed to check in as required. brown attempted to apologize. your apology is a little late in the game. what is your excuse, the judge that, cutting off brown. you're five weeks away from sentencing. this is not the way to position yourself. you must be extremely careful. you don't want to know what the next step is. judge leon ordered brown from now on to check in personally at the court once a week. and to adhere to a curfew from 11:00 p.m. at night until 6:30 in the morning. don't be back here until the day of sentencing. this is pretty simple stuff. brown's attorney said his client had gotten the message that he could be jailed if he disobeyed the court again. >> is he clear now on what his pretrial release
chicken now. recognize the old circuit city? this is a beauty supply now. >> there was a barber shop. at night it was a club. and we begged them for two years. shut this thing down until a young lady was killed. then it was shut down. >> reporter: the zoning bill is now in committee. the councilmember says she plans on having the complete legislation ready for the full council's review by the new year. tracee wilkins, news4. >> critics say that bill is an attack on free enterprise. >>> suburban hospital's emergency department is closed right now because of a hazmat situation there. freon started leaking from a cooling system in the base many. they that no patients are being affected. >>> a boy in ft. washington, maryland, a 12-year-old boy who kill his 2-year-old foster sister is going to have to go into therapeutic foster care. that is the sentence handed down by a prince george's county judge today. at a hearing, the little girl's family says the tragedy might have been prevented. the toddler's grandmother said the week before the child's death, she, the grandmother, had been clear
to one it twons of rain per hour, the city is asking for federal disaster declaration ahead of the storm's landfall. >> to help defray the extra expenses. >> reporter: power outages are likely. they are calling in outside crews. >> we've received commitments from about 1473 crews at this time. >> reporter: still, for them to be on the poles, that means darkened intersections to be treat as four-way stop signs until the public safety sector can get out and about. even they will be subject to high winds. >> when winds start to get around 50 miles an hour, issuing ohave officers to shelter in place on their beats. >> reporter: the feoremost piec of advice, don't go out if you don't have to. >>> people in northern virginia are bracing for whatever sandy brings their way as well. >> many were out today making last-minute preparations for the storm. news 4's northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joining us from alexandria now. hi, julie. >> reporter: just now a fine mist calling here. look how murky it is out on the potomac. you can see the white caps whipped up, and that sailboat has bee
gray is promising the city will handle the traffic and the crowds if you're heading out to the games. >> reporter: heavy traffic at the ballpark. as thousands of fans were heading to see the championship nats play the last regular season game against the phillies before the nats' postseason begins next week. poli were deployed as usual, but the crowd control was just a warm-up for the crowds expected for the play-offs in and around the stadium. >> we will have an appropriate number who will be visible, present at the stadium to make sure that it is secure, that the fans enjoy themselves, that we have a good event. >> reporter: public safety officials said several hundred officers would be on standby. but disputed some media reports that hundreds of officers will be diverted from neighborhoods. >> what we have done is to make arrangements to cover any eventuality during the play-offs. there will be no disruption to normal police activities in the neighborhood. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray acknowledged the police duties, even the president may attend the game. but said the city, lik
boarding up as the forecast grows dire. on ocean city, maryland's boardwalk, jimmy mill hear done this before. >> you have to get ready. you have to be ready for anything. you know? you're here. your store, 100 feet away from the ocean. >> reporter: hardware stores are running low on the go-to items. >> through two truckloads of generators. just got a truckload of batteries which are selling. >> reporter: so bad, in fact, we found this man roadside making his own sandbags. >> 12 hours had of rain. i had eight inches of water in my garage. >> reporter: families stockpiling food and water. >> most people, we're not taking any chances. >> reporter: yet earlier today, a halloween parade through rehoboth beach would make you ask, what hurricane? "today's" show al roker says it's surreal. >> talking about more than the distance between new york and washington, d.c. so i think people ignore this at their own peril. >> reporter: sandy is expected to do more damage than irene's $15 billion price tag. in rehoboth beach, erika gonzalez, news 4. >>> and working, getting ready for the marine c
in alexandria city alone. and two of them were just yards away from each other. tree removal crews are working overtime along this stretch in alexandria. >> the tree hit and it was boom. it just shook the whole house. i actually jumpd under a little table, like that was going to do any good. >> reporter: peter said he asked his crew to come as soon as possible. in an effort to keep his home from being condemned. >> it's a five-ton tree, 55 feet tall and it was a healthy red oak. it just blew over, and was leaping on the house. when the city came, they said you've got to get this tree off or you can't live here. >> reporter: two houses down, his neighbor wasn't as lucky. >> i'm homeless. i'm a realtor and i have no home. >> reporter: her home has been condemned but she's still here to deal with a growing list of people. >> meet the insurance people and the electrical contractors and the tree people and the insurance adjustors and the code enforcement people, the police have been in and out. so it's sort of a litany of people to put the pieces of the puzzle back together. >> reporter: it cost $5
are blamed for a toxic gas leak to force an evacuation of an entire town. it happened yesterday near the city of hanover. someone accidentally poured acid into a contain we are sodium hydroxide. that created a poisonous cloud. officials shut down schools and nearby highways. about 1,400 people were vaektd. a few hours ago, emergency crewcrews contained the leak. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi is sending a delegate. it will include top officials. they're expected to leave for syria next week. a spokesman for the pope said church leaders cannot be spectators, given the suffering in the war. that delegation will include an afford core human rights. >>> and the packsi girl who was shot in the head by the taliban. the 14-year-old was transferred to a hospital in england for treatment. police say two people who tried to get into the hospital to see the girl were questioned and turned away. one of the intruders claimed to be her mother. the british officials say malala's parents are still in pakistan but they plan to join her soon. malala was on her way home from school tuesday when she was shot in
in the water here. very worried in the city of jacksonville about the georgia/florida football game on saturday. they're asking tailgaters and folks heading to that game to really make sure that they use their best judgment. don't go in the water, don't bring out a lot of loose things like umbrellas and tarps and things like that that will be blowing around. when you talk about 100,000 people out tailgating in that sort of thing, we could certainly get into trouble in a big hurry. from there, that is where potentially the bigger concern lies as we watch a storm that we've never seen on the modern meteorology maps potentially unfold for the northeast. details about that are uncertain. bau high impact, multi-million dollar event could be in the making. jim cantore. back to you. >> multi-million dollar event potentially billions of dollars because it's going to impact such a big area, washington, d.c., and of course the i-95 corridor has the biggest population in the country. all affected by this storm. we want you to stay tuned with us. live web chat going on right now. if you have questions abou
from buildings. the city cut down nearly 400 trees and removed 200 street lights. the "endeavour" will be the only shuttle on display on the west coast. quite a project to move that thing. >> yeah. you could say that again. pretty cool though, huh? >> very cool. cool outside right now, too. >> that's going to be the word we're using throughout the rest of the evening. cool. that's going to be the theme as we move in through the night tonight. temperatures on the cool side. tomorrow night, however, i think will be cold. you're going to need the coats. perfect time for the weekend. we're talking about friday and saturday night. and yes, that is right, we are going to be seeing the coldest night i think we've seen so far this season. for the record today, high temperature -- look at that shot, by the way. look at the color. already seeing color around our region. near peak color in the mountains off to the west. a great weekend to get out and see some of that. 63 the high temperature today, low of 49. below average once again. just two years ago today, it was 88 degrees. so that sho
over the wilson building today downtown. it was in fact a flag of the city of st. louis. it was there because of that awful nationals loss to the cardinals. the mayors of d.c. and st. louis had a bet on the series. the loser city had to fly the winning city's flag over their city hall for a day. and so now they can take it down. >> at this point it could be a crime for st. louis, couldn't it? >> not big enough for the tears coming out of here. >> what's up, dan? >>> talking about the new addition to the redskins. robert griffin iii talking about his new tight end with an old familiar face. hall still addressing the secondary's woes at news4 at 6:00 continues. president obama: i'm barack obama and i approve... this message. anncr: victims. dependent. that's what mitt romney called forty-seven percent... of americans. including people on medicare. but what about his plan for you? romney would replace guaranteed benefits with a voucher system. seniors could pay six thousand dollars more a year. a plan aarp says would undermine medicare. you're no earned your be
'm absolutely psyched. >> hit, hit, hit and more hits. >> reporter: if people in our city seem especially confident today, it's because they've supersized their nat-itude. >> woo! >> reporter: the regular season, blew collar baseball, play, play, travel, play, play some more. but when the air gets crisp and the bunting goes up, the play-offs begin, new pressures. new nat-itude. regular season nat-itude would be what? >> go nats. >> reporter: now give me some play-off nat-itude! >> go, nats! >> reporter: she saw it. >> incredible hit, yes. he wanted that home run. >> reporter: so did he. >> absolute elation. i was jubilant. >> reporter: in nationals baseball lore, this could be known as the at-bat. bottom of the ninth, score tied, jayson werth fouls off pitch after pitch. and then walk-off home run. >> deep to left field! way back! it's gone! >> reporter: when he hit that home run, what was the feeling in your heart? >> i was almost ready to cry. like i am right now talking about it. it was such a good feeling. >> reporter: this is bob keran. he's been a season ticket holder for seven year
into this country at 16. $10 in my pocket when i arrived at new york city. of course, no education. the hardest thing i ever had to do. >> reporter: this act gives no freebies. to get to the ballot, prerequisites tacked on. paid tax, registered for selective service, plan to apply for full citizenship. supporters of the act say they want equal footing for all college bound in the community. the dreamers, the investment made in early education. >> we need them to build and assist in making a better america. in building of our future. >> some people that have been here for a really long time, and that's like, like a sister or brother, not being able to go to college. >> reporter: after the rally in langley park, time to strike up the band and march to the university of maryland campus. the senior director torres says the efforts lay preparation for larger immigration reform. >> we truly believe that the sooner the president is going to be re-elected, president obama, the first priority in 2013. >> reporter: a long march from langley park to college park with long uphill stretches but they all mad
than 15 hours later than scheduled. its 12-mile trip through the city hit some snags. crews had to carefully maneuver the massive shuttle around trees, buildings, and ewe tillitil tillity poles. hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets to see the shuttle. the exhibit will open october 30th. what a sight that was. >> just what l.a. traffic needed was the space shuttle navigating downtown. >> like something out of a horror flick. >> i still always thought it was prettier when it was flying because that's what it was built to do, you know? that shot over the golden gate bridge and when it came down over the national mall, just amazing. >> an amazing sun going down today. >> good looking day outside today and a beautiful sundown on the way, everybody. so if you haven't got anything to do right about 6:30 this evening, as soon as this newscast is over, you are safe to go outside and look at the western sky because it will be, jim you have to wait until the end of the news, you must, of all people, wait. >> okay. >> it's going to be a beautiful evening. temperature made 76 de
morning, most of you will be in the 30s. 38 to the coolest areas, 45 in the city. damp, fog and drizzle early in the morning. not the best start to our tuesday. tomorrow afternoon, cloudy early. clearing late. temperatures 55 to about 59 degrees. that clearing will take place from the west, and then move towards the east during the afternoon. high of 69 on your wednesday, 64 on thursday with some sunshine. 67 on friday. right now, it looks like the warmest time will actually be the weekend. 67 on saturday. 75 on sunday. that ahead of another frontal boundary. that will give us nice warm winds out of the southwest, about 20, 30 miles per hour on sunday. >> a little breezy. but very nice. >>> coming up, a dog walker was attacked and murray went missing. well, he has been found. >>> the gay marriage debate on monday night football. stay tuned. >>> i'm carol maloney at camden yards. coming up in sports, the nats trying to get out of st. louis. holding all the cards. >>> and the latest on the concussion suffered by robert griffin iii. mike shanahan tells us what it will take for him to play
to strike most american cities in a few minutes. president john kennedy worked to avoid a nuclear convict. a standoff did end peacefully after 13 days, but they were 13 nerve-racking days. the exhibit is called to the brink. it will be open until april. >>> coming up, a delivery stop and history is made in outer space. >> it may be more clear soon what happened to the baby panda at the national zoo. >>> coming up in sports, a historic day here at nationals park. that did not have a happy ending. meanwhile, the orioles headed up to the bronx to try to make history of their own. and rg3 on the practice field today. what does that mean for his status for this week's game. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i
shot down by rebels in the city. it exploded in the sky. nbc news has not been able to authenticate any of the video. the syrian government tightly controls media in that country, and it is impossible in some cases to verify accounts from opposition forces and from the government as well. >>> ten afghan soldiers were wounded in a suicide attack by the taliban this morning. nato officials say a suicide bomber set off his explosives outside the gate of the u.s. afghan combat base in eastern afghanistan. that blast sent walls crashing down, and that is what injured the afghan troops. no americans were injured. the attack seems to be part of a changing taliban strategy. and that is to target afghan forces as the coalition troops begin their drawdown. >>> we're learning more about moving the costa concordia cruise ship. it hit rocks off the coast of italy in january and 32 people died. weather delayed salvage efforts for months. an american company is now working around the clock to try to upright the ship. the cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars. crews are putting large steel boxes
on surveillance video is the reason a veteran new york city cab driver is looking for a new job. the cabby is seen slinging a passenger into the middle of the street and pushing the passenger a second time for trying to get back into the taxi. it happened back in april. the passenger was allegedly drunk and throwing up at the time. the video shown during a hearing this week led to the driver losing his license. the cab driver reportedly had other previous run-ins with taxi regulations as well. >>> to more scenic video. this showing a fireball streaking across the sky in northern california. this is part of the meteor shower seen this week near the orion constellation. peak viewing will be saturday night. colorado residents were concerned about seeing bright lights and hearing a loud boom. the meteor is caused by the earth orbiting through debris from haley's comet. >>> george washington university plans to build a massive new museum on campus. they held the groundbreaking ceremony today. the building will replace the university's 87-year-old textile museum. the 35,000 square foot building will hou
intense artillery strikes in months. both those cities are considered opposition resistance. observers say the new suggest that the syrian government is trying to break through a stalemate that lasted in those areas for months. in the meantime, tensions flaired today. no one was injured this time, but a similar incident on wednesday killed five people. the turkish prime minister warned the syrian government today not to test turkey's limits. >>> an american student accused of killing a hotel worker in israel is dead after being shot by israeli soldiers. it happened today at a resort town on the red sea. the american is a 23-year-old man from new york. he worked at the israeli hotel until about three days ago. a man he shot was a former co-worker. witnesses say the two had been arguing. no one else in the busy hotel was hurt. israeli police quickly ruled out terrorism as a motive. >>> student protests over italy today turned violent. police in riot gear confronted demonstrators and five students were injured in taurino. that's according to italian news report. one student is in a hospital w
for this murder, this case gives us a sharp insight into how some people end up dead in the streets of our city. he's been in a lot of trouble, hasn't he? >> yes, he has. and i've had it. i'm done. >> reporter: that's the aunt of austin. she had custody of the teenager for some time. the aunt says back in 2008, there was a fire at the austin family home in northeast. kevon austin was held responsible for the arson. the aunt says he was sent to a juvenile facility here. then a juvenile facility in florida for a year. then a group home here. then placed in her custody after that. now comes the charge of murder. >> i tried to do my best to, you know, to try to give him an environment in which he could grow, and, you know, get educated, or get a job or something. but he just kept going in and out of the system. and after this last incident, i'm just done. >> reporter: at the time of the murder, kevon austin was wearing a gps tracking device on his ankle. but right before the murder, it stops working. how did that happen. indeed, there are a lot of questions here, including one from toni troxler. sh
gone down in the city. but it's still nearly a point higher than the national unemployment rate, which stands at 7.8% in september. >>> at the same time americans bought fewer homes in september, after hitting a two-year high in august. the sales of existing homes were down 1.7% nationwide last month. that's according to the national association of realtors. despite the dip, sales are up 11% compared to a year ago. economists say it's evidence that the housing market is recovering slowly. >>> coming up on news4 at # clock, mayhem at the mall. the serious charges this man is facing after allegedly throwing a molotov cocktail into a mall food court. >>> how the government wants you to help stop the illegal robocalls. >>> a larger than life iconic figures at one of the country's biggest state fairs goes up in flames. >>> a possible mystery on mars. what the rover found that has scientists looking for answers. take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash
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